3 Resources: Discussion Questions

The JustPublics@365 Social Justice Topic Series used a wide range of interview questions to engage, and learn from, the experiences of journalists, activists, academics and students. In this module packet, we have included sample questions that you may use to stimulate conversations around stop-and-frisk with your colleagues on the field, in the classroom or at the office.

1. What is stop-and-frisk? Come up with a definition.

2. How does stop-and-frisk affect different communities in New York City? Can you give examples?

3. Does stop-and-frisk reduce crime? Explain.

4. Our social justice topic series on stop-and-frisk was focused on envisioning what NYC will look like without stop-and-frisk tactics. In your experience, what changes, if any, do you foresee with District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin’s recent ruling to end this controversial policing experiment? What does this ruling mean to the young men and women of color in NYC?

5. How might academics, activist and journalist work together to promote civic engagement and greater democracy for all residents in New York City?

6. Some academics might be hesitant to get involved in such a controversial issue political issue.  What do you say to critics who might question the ‘objectivity’ of a scholar?

7. What form of action can Academics, Activists, Journalists and/or Students take to raise awareness around stop-and-frisk?

8. What effect does digital media have on creating social change?

9. What people and resources (both print and social media) should individuals follow to stay abreast of news on stop-and-frisk?


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