7 Step Four: Create Your Content

Now that you know what your message is, and who your audience and supporters are, it’s time to create your content. Ask yourself:

a. What medium will you use to share your information?
b. Will you use blog posts, Twitter or Facebook?
c. How often will you upload content and during what time of the day?
d. How will others contribute to your content?

When you produce any content, it’s important that you are aware of copyright laws:

1. Make sure to cite all sources. You are doing social justice work and so it’s especially important that you give credit where it is due.

2. Decide on what kind of copyright laws you want to use (Creative Commons, Open source, etc.).

(Adapted from: Message-in-a-box)


Imagining New York City After Stop-and-Frisk Copyright © 2014 by JustPublics@365. All Rights Reserved.


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