How to Use This Guide

The stop-and-frisk module packet is designed to bring together digital activism strategies, tools and informational resources to help you create your own stop-and-frisk social justice campaign.

Our goal was to create a practical resource-rich guide that serves as an excellent introduction to producing a social justice digital campaign for activists on the ground, journalists writing a story or academics in the classroom.

This guide is structured around three levels of campaign outcomes:

Make Your Issues Their Interest: Raising Awareness About An Issue with an Audience

Make Your Issue Their Issue: Getting an Audience More Deeply Engaged in An Issue

Make Your Issue Their Action: Moving an Audience Towards a Specific Action

Throughout this guide, we cover basic campaigning how-to’s, handpicked the best tools for collaboration and outreach, and provide examples of the JustPublics@365 stop-and-frisk digital activism campaign by highlighting our own work on this issue. 

We hope that the information below will help you reach your target audiences by integrating some of the most widely used social networks into your social justice campaign or classroom projects.

If you have any questions in planning your campaign, please feel free to contact us at or send us a tweet, @justpublics365.


Imagining New York City After Stop-and-Frisk Copyright © 2014 by JustPublics@365. All Rights Reserved.


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