Our Mission

The goal of the JustPublics@365 project is to create new forms of knowledge using digital media to connect academics, journalists and activists across traditional silos, and foster transformation on issues of social justice.

  • The rise of digital media has fostered dialogues about “public scholarship,” but JustPublics@365 extends and enriches those discussions by emphasizing public scholarship that specifically addresses social inequality. This project breaks new ground in making explicit the connection between public scholarship and creating a more just world for everyone, with a particular focus on the impact that academic research can and should have on public policy.
  • The project leverages the identity of the Graduate Center as an advanced public research institution and its location in NYC, at the heart of global networks of media and activists, to push forward a public conversation around social justice and inequality and to encourage greater collaboration between academics, journalists, and activists.

JustPublics@365 creates new synergies around issues of inequality and social justice enriched by research, buttressed by data (including new types of data and ways of recording the effects of research), and informed by visualizations that will make complex issues understandable to broader publics and make action to address inequalities easier.

  • This is a bold attempt to: support and encourage distinguished but hidebound scholars to become more comfortable with digital media; to prompt media broadcasters to engage with scholars and sustain that conversation; to place social activists in conversation with researchers in ways that promote social transformation; and to broaden the impact of academic scholarship on public policy and practice.


Imagining New York City After Stop-and-Frisk Copyright © 2014 by JustPublics@365. All Rights Reserved.


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